MeI’m a photographer specialized in commercial photography, mainly in food and catering. This area comes to naturally as I’ve been working in Catering for 12 years, while photography has always been my passion. I’d like to merge my experience in these areas, and create valuable photos for my customers. Photos which not only look pretty, but tell a story. This way I will help your catering business to stand out, and be gripping visually. My pictures will help to promote your business online, or through menus and cocktail pages to flip through on-site with tailor made, high resolution pictures. It makes a huge difference to invest in visual appearance. It’s an affordable investment too, you only need a professional who will listen to your needs, who has the right equipment and will deliver.
Further on my background, I’ve been living in Dublin for more than 4 years, I’m originally from Hungary. I’ve bought my first DSRL camera 4 years ago, and since then I spend all my free time with my camera in hand. I’m passionate about photography, as it’s an art, without being artistic. It’s about how you capture the moment, how you make people comfortable in front of camera, whether it’s in their own home among family members, a day in work, or a big day like a wedding. It’s all about how you can create a relaxed atmosphere and create natural photos with people looking their best. I’ve a full set of photo studio, with all my equipments being moveable, I’m on the way all the time. Why not go to your place next time?